Max could be at your local Post Office!

MaxBack USPS Display We are excited to announce that we have joined with USPS to unveil our groundbreaking RapidQuote™ technology* with this display at over 3,000 USPS locations nationwide. When you see the display, scan the Cash Code on the top right, and our RapidQuote™ technology* will INSTANTLY tell you the value of your smartphone!

* RapidQuote™ technology is patent pending, owned by Clover Technologies Group

Did you pick up one or more of these envelopes from the display?

MaxBack USPS EnvelopeGreat! They are for the USPS inkjet cartridge recycling program. Use them to send your used inkjets in for recycling instead of throwing them away.

These envelopes are not for you to ship your smartphone, tablet, or iPod to MaxBack. They do not ship to MaxBack so we will not receive your item and we won’t be able to pay you. Only use the boxes and labels that come from your MaxBack account to send in your high value items.

Note: Please do not include inkjet cartridges with your MaxBack shipments. They could damage your item and we won't be able to pay you.