MaxBack and the United States Postal Service

USPS and MaxBack have launched a cooperative marketing campaign to promote USPS' responsible inkjet cartridge recycling program and MaxBack's smartphone buyback program featuring MaxBack's groundbreaking RapidQuote™ technology (patent pending, owned by Clover Technologies Group).

MaxBack Buyback Program

"RapidQuote™ instantly provides consumers with the value of their smartphone. It's priceless technology for MaxBack and millions of smartphone users who will upgrade their phones this year," said MaxBack President Sean Michaels. "We're proud to work with the U.S. Postal Service to launch RapidQuote™."

Cash Code

Each item received by MaxBack is carefully inspected, cleared of all data, and resold or recycled. MaxBack now also pays consumers for broken items, an earth-friendly move since the company's facility was R2 - "Responsible Recycling" certified in January.

Inkjet Cartridge Recycling with USPS

New displays in over 3,000 USPS locations feature RapidQuote™ and dispense envelopes for USPS' inkjet cartridge recycling program. Take a free envelope, fill with empty inkjet cartridges, and leave it for your Postal Carrier. MaxBack provides free shipping.

Important Note: Inkjet cartridges ship to a different location than MaxBack smartphones, tablets, and iPods. Using a USPS inkjet cartridge recycling envelope for an item you are selling to MaxBack will result in loss of your item. Also, please do not include any inkjet cartridges with the items you sell to MaxBack. Residual ink will damage the item's mechanisms and negate its value.