Sell Your iPad

There is no tablet more popular than the iPad. High demand for new and old models alike means high value for resales — and nobody offers better prices than our trusted team here at MaxBack. Used by thousands of businesses and individual iPad owners worldwide, we offer fast and easy iPad purchasing with competitive pricing and quick payments. Learn how you can earn cash for your iPad below, and sell with us today!

Get Paid for Your iPad: Follow These Steps

  1. Find your iPad and get a quote. Find your iPad model, fill out the requested information and get a competitive quote from our team in seconds.
  2. Accept your quote. Accept your quote to lock in your price for the next 30 days, complete your checkout and you’re on to the next step!
  3. Prepare your iPad for sale. Back up your data, remove any passcodes or locks, turn off “find my iPad” and un-sync your iPad from your iCloud account.
  4. Mail your iPad. Use the free USPS shipping label provided by our team at checkout to mail your iPad to our address. Always use secure packaging to prevent damage to your iPad during the shipping process.
  5. Get paid fast! Once we’ve received your iPad, we’ll pay you in as few as 3 business days. We offer both PayPal and check payment methods.

Our iPad Inspection Process

Upon receiving your iPad in the mail, our team here at MaxBack will perform a final inspection to ensure that the iPad we receive lines up with the details you gave us at checkout. If we find any discrepancies, we may mail the iPad back to you or offer you a different quote. Sometimes, that quote is for a greater dollar amount than the original quote. Sometimes, it’s for a lesser dollar amount than the original quote.

Either way, you are in control of the final transaction. You can choose to accept the offer and receive cash for your iPad, or you can choose to deny the offer and we’ll send your iPad back to your address at no cost to you.


How much will I earn when I sell my iPad with MaxBack?

Earnings depend on iPad model, iPad condition and current market demand. When you sell here at MaxBack, we always offer competitive prices and cash payments for all iPads.

HWhat is the best way to ship my iPad to MaxBack?

The best and most cost-effective way to ship your iPad to our team starts with printing out the free USPS shipping label provided at checkout. Then, make sure your iPad is packaged in a sturdy box (the original packaging works best) with plenty of protective packing materials. Do not ship your iPad in an envelope, as this can cause it to break.

What is the best time to sell my tablet with MaxBack?

While demand and market prices for iPads can fluctuate, most iPads will lose their value over time. Looking to sell your current iPad to make room in your budget for a newly announced model? Sell as soon as possible to lock in your price for 30 days with our team here at MaxBack.

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