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The first of Apple’s plus-sized iPhones, the iPhone 6 Plus strikes a happy balance between smartphone and small tablet. Even today, nearly 5 years after its release, the iPhone 6 Plus is still sought after thanks to its size and user-friendliness. If you have an iPhone 6 Plus that you’d like to sell for cash, you can earn an excellent payout by selling with our trusted team here at MaxBack. Committed to bringing our clients competitive rates, we also offer easy checkouts, free shipping and payment in as few as 3 days. Learn why we’re the internet’s top choice for iPhone 6 Plus trade-ins and cash sales and get more information on our process below.

Selling Your iPhone 6 Plus at MaxBack: Our Simple Process

  1. Get a quote. Fill out the online form to give us info on your iPhone 6 Plus and we’ll give you a competitive quote right then and there.
  2. Accept your quote. Accept our price quote to lock in your iPhone 6 Plus price for the next 30 days, then complete the checkout process and get ready to ship your iPhone 6 Plus.
  3. Prepare your iPhone 6 Plus for sale. Un-sync your iPhone 6 Plus from iCloud, turn off “find my iPhone,” back up your data and check with your carrier to clear any existing balance on your phone.
  4. Mail your iPhone 6 Plus. Pack your iPhone 6 Plus in box with plenty of protective packing materials. To save on shipping, be sure to print and attach the free USPS shipping label provided at checkout. Also, make sure we receive your iPhone 6 Plus within 30 days to earn your original quote.
  5. Get paid fast for your iPhone 6 Plus! After we receive your phone and conduct a final in-house inspection, we’ll confirm payment with you. If you choose to accept our final quote, we’ll pay you via your choice or check or PayPal in as few as 3 business days.

Getting the Right Quote: Our Final iPhone 6 Plus Inspection

To confirm our original quote and make sure that we receive the right phone in the right condition, our team will perform a final inspection on your iPhone 6 Plus as soon as we receive it. If we find any discrepancies, we may adjust our quote. In the event of a quote adjustment, you still have full control over the final transaction. You always reserve the right to reject our offer, in which case we will mail your iPhone 6 Plus back to you for free. Should you choose to accept our offer, we will pay you in cash as soon as possible.


How much will I earn when I sell my iPhone 6 Plus with MaxBack?

Current market demand and individual phone condition determine the price of each iPhone 6 Plus we receive. Our team at MaxBack works hard to offer the industry’s most competitive cash offers for our sellers.

What is the best way to ship my iPhone 6 Plus to MaxBack?

Your iPhone 6 Plus should be packed inside a box (not an envelope) filled with plenty of protective packing materials. (Use the original packaging if you still have it.) To save on shipping, print out and attach the free shipping label provided by our team at checkout. Then, mail your iPhone 6 Plus to our team and make sure that we receive it within 30 days so you get the original quoted price.

What is the best time to sell my iPhone 6 Plus with MaxBack?

Since its release, the iPhone 6 Plus has slowly decrease in value as newer iPhone models have taken its place. For this reason, you’ll want to sell yours as quickly as possible to earn the best price. At MaxBack, we use our 30-day price guarantee to protect our sellers from short-term market price dips.

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