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Note: All smartphones MUST:

  1. Include functional OEM charging cable and A/C adapter
  2. Have battery health in "Normal" condition (80% or higher)
  3. Be fully unlocked and ready to re-activate (i.e. Remove from iCloud, Google, or Samsung accounts)
  4. Have a clear IMEI (i.e. no longer financed, not reported lost or stolen)
  5. Be free of any custom engraving


  • Device is fully functional
  • Looks new with no signs of use
  • No cracks, scratches, scuffs, etc.
  • Good battery health (above 80%)


  • Device is fully functional
  • Has minor scratches or scuffs
  • No cracks or chips
  • Good battery health (above 80%)


  • Device is fully functional
  • Has moderate scratches or scuffs
  • No cracks or chips
  • Good battery health (above 80%)


Device powers on, functions and is free of any LCD damage, but it has:

  • Cracked front glass, and/or
  • Poor battery health (below 80%)
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